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Whether  you want your car, SUV, truck or van washed, waxed or detailed we have a package just right for you.  Our mobile service saves you the hassle of getting to the car wash.  We cover Augusta, Aiken, Martinez, Evans, and most of the CSRA. 

Standard Wash Package

The standard car wash package is $35, which includes

  • carpets
  •  mats
  • seats
  • windows
  • mirror cleaning, both inside and out

Also included are the exterior wheels, wheel wells, and tires. We use wash & wax soap to wash your vehicle then finish off the cleaning by hand-drying your vehicle, using microfiber towels and a Shammy™.  It's a cost-saving option that gets your vehicle looking beautiful.

Full-Service Wash

Our full-service wash is $65 and includes hand cleaning your

  • carpets
  • mats
  • seats
  • ashtrays
  • side panels, and door panels
  • center console
  • cup holders
  • dashboard, and door jams get wiped down

The windows get cleaned with Rain-X™ and microfiber towels. We use wash & wax soap on the exterior and dry it with microfiber towels. This also includes wheel and tire cleaning. Once we finish, you get your choice of car air freshener. 

Full-Service Detail

Detailing your vehicle is $100 and includes the full-service wash.

This automobile detailing option is for cleaning and conditioning your seats, the dash, center console, and door panels. We rinse and clean your truck bed, vacuum the trunk, and put the shine back into your tires and wheels. It only costs $50 if you only want the inside or outside done.

Other Services Offered

  • General shampoo $25 (freshen up)
  • HD Shampoo $50 (excessive stains, odor, mildew)
  • Spot shampooing for $10  (a mat, spot in seat)
  • Wax $25 - protection
  • Light polish/wax $75 - spiderweb/light scratches/protection
  • 3 step $150 (compound/polish/wax) - oxidation/clear coat scratches/protection
  • Extra Time on Excessive Filth $20  (excessive pet hair, trash, gunk, dirt, spills) 
  • Back To Black $10
  • Headlight Restoration $40 (pair)
  • Wheel Oxidation $10/Per Wheel
  • Full water Spot removal $200 (all painted surfaces, glass, plastics, chrome)