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Trying to fully clean your larger vehicles is often an overwhelming task. Taking it to a car or truck wash will always take time away from your busy day as well. With Graham's Vehicle Detailing, you never have to worry about any of that. We are a mobile vehicle cleaning service that proudly serves the Augusta, Georgia, and surrounding area. We come to you, so you can enjoy your free time in the comfort of your home. When you need to restore the look of your vehicle, count on us to get it done exactly how you want it.

25% nonrefundable deposit required for any service 

Interior Cleaning

Feel more relaxed inside your RV after having it thoroughly cleaned by us. The interior detail includes all rooms and cab, top to bottom. We also take care of seats, chairs, couches, doors, jams, and walls. The floors get vacuumed and mopped as well as shampooed, and the bathroom, kitchen, beds, and appliances gets thoroughly cleaned. In addition, we also provide cab only detailing, sanitation work, minor repairs, and animal stall cleaning.

For any Class B RV, the rate is $80 for exterior work and $100 for interior cleaning.

With class A and class C RVs, the rates are:

  • $150 for Under 29 Feet
  •  $175 for 30 to 35 Feet  
  •  $200 for More Than 35 Feet



Exterior Cleaning

The exterior wash includes:

  • top,
  • sides
  • slides
  • seams
  • gutters
  • windows
  • wheels and tires


Cleaning Rates Materials, supplies, and equipment are different from job to job, due to the uniqueness of each service call.

For any Class B RV, the rate is $80 for exterior work and $100 for interior cleaning.

For class A and C RVs, the rates are:

  • $100 for 29 Feet an under
  • $120 for 30 Feet to 34 Feet
  • $140 for 35 Feet to 40 Feet
  • $160 for 41+ Feet

For an extra $15 we also clean the awning.


  • $5/ft Foam Wax
  • $10/ft Liquid Wax.
  • $17/ft 2 Step Polish/Wax (light oxidation/light surface scratches)
  • $35/ft 3 step Compound/Polish/Wax(Light Wet Sanding)
  • $40/ft Wet Sanding (Medium Wet Sanding)
  • $50/ft Wet Sanding (Heavy Wet Sanding)

Extra Services

  • Awning Cleaning & UV
  • Roof Conditioning & UV
  • Roof Coating
  • Vent / AC Cover UV
  • Vent / AC Cover Replacement
  • Caulking / Resealing
  • Wheel Oxidation
  • Tire Conditioning
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Surface Rust Repair


$50 Heavy Duty wash charge for RVs with over abundance of mildew, leaves, trash, algae, roof whitening, red clay stain removal, dirt divers, oil, wasps removal, etc.